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As an independent mortgage             broker, Wave Lending Group #21751 offers a large variety of Jumbo Loans in excess of $3,000,000. The Jumbo loan is designed to fulfill the needs of clients that seek mortgage loans that exceed the conforming loan limit restrictions of a conventional loan. The jumbo programs can have a down payment as low as 5% and have options to choose either a fixed rate loan, or an adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) depending on your short and long-term goals. A fixed rate mortgage has an interest rate that doesn’t change so a borrower knows how much their principal and interest payment will be each month.   Our jumbo programs also offer ARMs (Adjustable-Rate Mortgage) for qualifying borrowers.   An ARM typically has a lower starting rate than a 30-year fixed mortgage, and it may be a good option for someone who will be keeping their mortgage for a shorter period of time.  The majority of our Jumbo Loans do NOT require PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance).

When deciding on a lender to work with…Choose Local, choose knowledge, choose affordability and trust. Brokers are Better! Choose Wave Lending Group #21751

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